Tech Ropes

FULLY Braid by 12 units 100% DYNEEMA SK75 without internal core with protective impregnation made by “uretanich” resin. Sheet and halyard light, almost inextensible and easily be whipped. Standard manufacture diameter from 2 to 16 mm.

Polyester braid high tenacity , with inner core in high tenacity nylon. Smooth working 1×1. Available 100% colorful, with or without spy ( light blue, red, blue etc). Suitable for wind-surf, sub guns etc… packaged in bags by 12 units each 1 for diameter and assorted colors. Standard manufacture diameter from 2 to 5 mm and in 200 m. reels

Double braid with external sheath in polyester high tenacity and opposed torsion, intermediate sheath staple polyester slip from 5 mm to over internal core in DYNEEMA SK75 braided. Sheet and halyard almost inextensible, whipped. Diameter from 1,5 to 16 mm.



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