Kaiman 5

Det ursprungliga priset var: 15,000.00 kr.Det nuvarande priset är: 7,999.00 kr.

The price includes:

– Control bar 24 + 3 mt. lines

– Backpack bag

– Soft bag

– Tools bag repair kit


Just nu bara disponibel 17 meter kite




Due to its distinctive twist that does, when turning, the Kaiman5 does not decrease the speed of flight of the wing, so it was able to break down this barrier.
The performance of the kite’s turning speeds was fine tuned in navigation, and speed.

Thanks to this, the Kaiman5 has a profile that flies far faster than a normal  kite, and provides an incredible up wind performance, in addition with a massive wind range.

The KAIMAN5 is the result of a know-how that starts with the design and manufacturing of paragliders since 1986, the first power-kiting in 1992 and two exclusive software progams. The first  for the ’wing drawings, and the other  developed by  the enginnier Tarozzi for calculating the loads and strains of the bridles. It is obvious, that for a profile to be a top performer, it has to be “clean”, streamlined and free of any imperfection, as a seam with the wrong tension can cause vibration, deformation and loss of performance.

The Kaiman5, can be compared to a racing car, where the knowledge of twenty five years of flying, research, development and a great passion, contributed to its creation.

Here, once more, and based on the experience of many years ADVANCE has manged to create an unique sewing pattern.

Starting, with the type of line and  needles used in each and specific type of seam,with relative tension on the sweeing lines, where double and triple zig zag seams are abundant. The specific type of line develpoped in the USA an high tenacity thread, glued and twisted rated triple “A” (AAA) is used for the production of the Kaiman5.
The canopy made of Teijin Ripstop, made in Japan a top quality ripstop considerably lighter  than the standard dacron, used in the construction of most tube kites. The type of plastic like the one used on the chicken loop, is produced in Italy, where there is the technology that allows us to obtain compounds of plastic, glass fiber and nylon. Melted and cooled at specific temperatures and pression, giving to the final product unmatched characteriscs of elasticy and strength. The carbon and aluminium bar, is produced in Tawain
The fly lines, including those of the bridles are made of a special dyneema fiber 99% pre-streched and then resined. This kind of manufactoring creates a line totally streched and with zero elasticity, allowing direct control of the kite. This manufactoring process produces a fly line totally pre streched and free of elasticity, giving direct control of the kite, allowing it to acelarate when subjected to gusts, allowing a natural and automatic cushioning of the wind speed, but with no increase in power.
Since the power of the kite is concetrated in the front lines, and if these are of the “elastic” type, under the pressure of a gust, the lines will distend and will increase the incidence angle, as if the rider would be pulling down the bar, therefore, increasing the power. The special coating on the lines, makes them feel hard to the touch a much important feature that helps, while setting up the bar. The “hard” feature of the line, makes it easier to distend them, avoid tangles and knots.
Made in Holland, these are one of the most expensive lines in the market.
Made in Italy, the pulleys used on the bridles are made in Italy and machined from a solid aluminum piece, which is then subjected to an anodizing and lacking procedure to prevent rust.
Every part, attachment and components of the safety system, have been subjected, to different load tests, all above the level, of normal kitesurf practice . As an example, the “loop” of the chicken loop, has a breaking point at 420kg.


“Skeletron” and Construction.

Since the first generation of the Kaiman, that Advance kites draws information  and feedbacks, from it’s test centres, located in Kenia, Tanzania, Brazil on the  kites used (cosumed) at these centres.
All major components including the control bars,are subjected to checks for tear and wear and possible points of failure and a consequent change in performance. Any possible changes likely to improve the longevity and safety of our products is thus applied from generation to generation. This is one reason why an Advance kite is free from any structural defect or weakness, which is why cases of rupture or warranties are close to zero.

The “Scheletron”, is a particular system invented by Advance. It consists of having an edge at every  junction point for ripstop  and dacron. In a worst case scenario, of kite breakage, due to violent impact, with the Scheletron”, system, an easy and long lasting repair can always be done. The main reason why an Advance kite can always be repaired.

Kaiman5 vs Kaiman4

Like every year, our effort is aimed at improving performance while maintaining the same character of the kite.
The work is done by collecting reports along the season written by different categories of users:
Official riders, normal users, schools and wave riders, freeriders, wake stylers.
At Advance kites  the problem is not obtaining the required performance from the kite. With our experience, it is easy to do so. The most difficult thing is to find what has to be improved in the performance level.
With the Kaiman5, we have reduced the number of struts, from five , to three struts, the kite became lighter and thanks to a more flexible structure we have increased the twisting efect. As a result, in larger sizes we have a kite that  turns faster, and bigger the size, the better the results of this improvement.
Taking the new 12mt Kaiman5, as a reference, this new 12mt kite by Advance turns faster and smoother than the “old” 10 mt Kaiman4.
By turning the structure lighter and by rebalancing  the loads on the profile, the low end performance has been increased, but by no means compromising the high end, The final result is a kite with a massive wind range.
We could keep on telling you about our products, as we have so much to say on this matter, but this is a limited space to do so, but we would apreciate, you to discover our products, by you testing them personally, experience their performance, feel our quality and aknowledging our passion for the sport and for well made products

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