Ikarus S 2015

12,500.00 kr15,625.00 kr

Sizes: 6.5 – 7.5 – 9.0 – 11.0  –  14.0

The price includes:

– Control bar 24 + 3 mt. lines

– Backpack bag

– Soft bag

– Tools bag repair kit

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2014 IKARUS ”S”

Difficult is the life of children whose parents are famous stars in sports, on stage, the silver screen or in politics.

Everybody expects something extraordinary out of these children. Most of the times they end up living under the image of their parents, as they were unable to surpass them.

This misfortune has not happened to the 2014 Advance Ikarus ”S”.

With an unique lineage originated with the Kaiman, the 2014 Advance Ikarus ”S” has recollected all the good aero dynamics characteristics of the profile, canopy tension of the Kaiman that made this kite known for its incredible low-end power, a massive wind range and unmatched up wind performance, delivering high jumps followed by unparallel hang time and planning.


The 2014 Advance Ikarus ”S” has gained a new lighter construction that made easier the torsion of the kite´s structure, improving the quality of the flight turn.

Better than any other kite, the 2014 Advance Ikarus ”S” flies in the lightest wind and delivers an excellent performance in all its large wind range, making it one of the most stable kites in the market a detail that pleases beginners. Intermediates and consecrate riders alike.

The philosophy of Advance kites, has always been to continue the improvement of the same profile, year after year, by comparing the performance of the kite, and adapting it, to the most current ride style in use.

advanceS 3b

Tuned-up, the 2014 Advance Ikarus ”S”, delivers a performance that will be much appreciated in wave riding and in particular for riders surfing strap less.

In this type of ride, it is in fact necessary to have a kite able to react quickly when turning in the edge of the wind window,

In fact, it happens often, that, due to the lack of grip on the board or having to turn the kite over the edge of the window and with no tension on the lines, or positioned in a no power zone, most kites in this situation normally stall, and fall.

Not with the 2014 Advance Ikarus ”S” that thanks to its structural lightness, that allows the kite even when depowered to deliver a perfect responsive steering, and the ability of when flying in the outer edge of the wind window to rotate inwards with a speed (not pull) as if when a kite is in a more centered position.

Goals so difficult to achieve, are only possible thanks to the continuous development of the bridle system and the subsequent repositioning of the attachment points along the leading edge, to extract the maximum performance of the kite’s aerodynamic profile.
At the same time, and every year the durability of the kite is analyzed, by recalling more worn kites in the market to study and check stress points.
Finding alternative solutions, to a reinforcement, or tension on the sail, by changing the panels assembly and sewing method, so that tension can be reduced in a specific area of the cloth, or by redistributing the loads as the result of simply moving a sewing point less than centimeter.
Twenty three years of work, experience and research with passion, and attention to detail, this is what, at Advance Kites we call know-how, and this is what you get when buying a 2014 Advance Ikarus ”S”

ikarus windrangeThe ikarus is a free-ride kite that gives a nod to wave riding.

The bar pressure is just perfect. Soft enough and not straining the forearms, allowing an easy and not straining one hand ride, but never the less a ”present” feeling with no need to look for or at the kite.

If like me, you are a free rider with the soul of a wave rider, you’ll love the 2014 Advance Ikarus ”S”, not forgetting that with its unmatched up wind performance you will enjoy your 2014 Advance Ikarus ”S” as a fun race machine

…… I wonder how we have done so far without it, I’m willing to bet !

Sizes: 6.5 – 7.5 – 9.0 – 11.0  –  14.0




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