Bush Limited Edition Gold

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Bush Limited edition will be officially launched in 2014.
Available in 6, 8, 10 and 12.
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Bush Limited Edition is a refined kite that fits all your needs, from entry level to freestyle and waves. The open C design allows the kite to be super responsive and stable. The kite has no pulleys and a direct bridle system that allows you to feel where it is in all places of the wind window.The fact that it only has three struts allows for a much lighter kite without compromise to the performance and bush kites are designed to maximize your time in the water and are built to last with strong yet light reinforcements on all exposed points. It features a greatdepower capability allowing you to have a great low end without compromising your control in powered conditions.

In waves the Bush Limited Edition drifts with you allowing you to concentrate on riding the waves instead of steering the kite. When you need it, the twist of your wrist is enought to turn the kite wherever you want to go.

The bar is simple and easy to use, featuring a clam cleat depower system with a tangle free depower rope. The safety release swivels and the quick release is of course of a push away type.

Try a Bush kite and let us know your thoughts.



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